Monday, October 03, 2005

Sushi Art

Off topic - but fun:

Bento Boxes as Art

* Don't miss the Powerpuff Girls!


- Fat Red Ant said...

Ha! This is great - thanks for posting it. Talk about your happy meal!

'Red Ant

Aaron said...

Howdy Kiyotei.

Those Japanese are just wacky.

I must say thanks for the gift/LBO. It allowed me to own an 80% stake in all of my friends blogs. :)

Would you mind if I linked to your blog from mine?

kiyotei said...


I NEVER turn down a link. Feel free to add one anytime.
Glad you liked the LBO!

Liza Marie said...

Hi kiyotei! Thanks so much for the nice gift! I could really use it. As thanks I added you as a daily on my blog ( Take care.

(My little girl loves Hamtaro, gonna show her that pic)

kiyotei said...

Little Hamsters, Big adventures!

Andrés Duque said...

Woo-hoo! Hit the jackpot!

Now the question, how do you go about chosing Loto winnere!

He he

Thanks bud!

Omni said...

Thank you for giving me free shares of your blog on BlogShares!! :-)