Monday, September 19, 2005

DOD Artistamp Call


Steve Salik has graciously volunteered to host this year's Dia de los Muertos (Day of The Dead) Artistamp call. This call is one of my favorites because of the many small and creative issues produced in the past.

If you make artistamps (faux postage) and want to sign up for this call. . . surf, don't run to:
The DOD Artistamp Call web site and be prepared for some great mail in October. The deadline to register is October 10th and the mailing must go out by the 20th.

Here a sample of artistamps I've sent to the call for the last 3 years:
Matangi Island / Cebi Jubi stamps

You can see more examples of the 2004 DOD artistamps by browsing the Gallery at Carla Cryptic's site



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kiyotei said...

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Janey said...

Spammers! Do they really think someone will follow the link?

Anyway, love your blog and your stamps. Darn tootin' I do. I want to try some soon. And thanks for the comment on my drawings :D