Monday, July 25, 2005

Best Sneak Attacker

Here's a lovely little ATC sent in by Troy Thomas for my Virri ATC Swap.

I just updated the gallery over the weekend and added a slideshow feature for hands free viewing, so be sure to check out all the new cards that are posted there.

Ahhh . . . if only the Trojan Man could protect my little 'puter!

Troy sent two more great cards and a beautiful hand-painted envelope with tribal tattoo motif. Drop by his friendly blog with the theme - Wanted: Mail Art and swap some mail art or artist trading cards with this artisan. Details of the card swap can be found by visiting the The ATC Room blog.

Smoke My Macabi

Received my first wooden postcard today from Adam Allen Berry of Hattiesburg, MS.

He made the card out of a Cuban cigar box with the brand name of Macabi. He cut out a 4 X 6 1/2 chunk of the wood and then drew a great linear pattern over the brand info. The pattern reminds me a lot of my old Tinker Toys.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Time Machine

RF Côté of Quebec, Canada sent this nifty Time Traveling device. By adjusting the three switches on the card, the reader is attached to two cosmic strings and can travel at incredible speed because the gravitational force distorts spacetime and produces time travel. The postcard is turned into a time machine by using the gravity produced by the two cosmic strings, to propel itself into the past. This is accomplished by looping around the cosmic strings. For each year traveled backwards in time, a loop of string containing half the mass-energy of an entire galaxy is produced.

Unfortunately, the circuit was damaged in the mail, and is not functioning. My attempt to travel back to 1976 was unsuccessful. I have ordered another transpositioner capacitance module to repair the card and will attempt the time jump in the near future.

Visit the excellent blog of RF Côté and check out all his inventions.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Dozen Stamps

Received this envelope from Pati Bristow a few days ago and it was chock full of stuff including stra Da Da artistamps, a handmade No-War postcard, one fluxus buck and assorted other goodies.

We have been sending this vellum envelope back and forth across California for 11 trips. I'm jamming it full of stuff and dropping it in the mailbox for trip number 12 tomorrow.

You can check out some of her ATCs sent back in November 05.
I also received excellent documentation for her last mailart call "No Place to Rest, Chairs that you can't sit on."

You can read more about this call and her latest calls by visiting her LiveJournal blog.

Number 14 dropped in the mail today (19 August 2005)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer Blessings

Mick Boyle sent this great hand made postcard titled "Smoke Hands." I really like the textured matte finish and the almost translucent gold hands. His blog shows 2 versions of the card and this one is the "dirty" version. I like my mail like I like my martinis: dirty! I've collaborated on a few digital works with Mick in the past and his pixel skills are impressive. Lately, it seems, he has decided to focus more on mail art NOT created by a computer.

Please check out his most excellent blog-o-omatic at: and send something his way through the mail. You can always count on getting a great reply . . . maybe even a purple radish!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

School's Out

Received a large envelope containing several postcard-sized drawings (in colored pencil) and a bunch of poems from GDP of Minneapolis, Minnesota.