Saturday, April 30, 2005

Little Egg Rules

Received this great pen and ink postcard from Denis Charmot of Marnaz, France.

He informs me that he found the French cartoon stamps online in a recent post. BUT I was missing the most important character! He included this fellow by the name of Titeuf.
You can see more of Denis Charmot's work and mail art by visiting his excellent web site.

Apparently this cartoon is sweeping France by storm. It is the creation of Swiss cartoonist Philippe Chappuis. His cartoon characters are appearing everywhere from billboards to notebooks. Denis writes in his postcard that Titeuf is "very appreciated by the French children for his politically incorrect contents." This cartoon strip only became popular in France last year, so it is amazing that it is already the subject of postage stamps.

The word "titeuf" means little egg.

You can read more about this comic strip, its creator and its phoenominal success in France by reading this article from the Scotland Sunday Herald.

Pinky's Brain

Received this ATC from Pinky of Genova, Itlay. Also got a cool postcard and some mailart calls.

Couldn't find a lot of Pinky stuff online, but there is a cool piece entitled ONLY for HEROES art that appears in the excellent PEEP ezine (issue 6).

AKA Don Mabie

Here's a great Bob Dylan compilation by the psychadelic font-master Chuck Stake.

Chuck is also heavily into Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and has been producing the brightly colored mini art since 1997. He has been very busy organizing regular trading sessions in Canada.

You can see and read more about his work at the original ATC web site in Switzerland and The New Gallery in Calgary, Canada, where is he a board member.

ATCs By Rael Mail

Rael Mail of the Netherlands sent a great set of nine artist trading cards (just enough to fill an 8X10 Ultra*PRO collectible card sheet).