Monday, February 28, 2005

Tasty Add & Pass

I usually don't enjoy the common Add & Pass addiction, although I will send stuff along. I know many mailartists have a soft spot for the format. But every now and then I receive an original collaborative invitation that is a joy to be a piece of. This documentation from Johnny Automatic is a completed Pizza #2 from a recent Add & Pass project.

Click to see a larger image slice

Now this is some tasty work! Pizza #2 was topped by Pinky (France), C.Z. Lovecraft (USA), Jose Roberto Sechi (Brasil), Carmen Spiniello (Italy), Stardust Memories (Holland), Pascal Lenoir (France), E. Sundermann (Austria) and kiyotei.

Blog Smog

Ruud Janssen of the Netherlands is the Pied Piper of mailart Blogs and sent this wonderfully colorful postcard reflecting his passion for this new medium.

See more great work by this long-time mailartist when you visit his Blog, terrific web site: IUOMA or rap with the man on his popular Yahooligan message board!

Androgynous Hand-Drawngynous

Received a ton of mailart since I returned from vacation. Wish I had the energy to post it all here, but I'll include some of the highlights (not found elsewhere on the web). This pencil drawing by Jaromir Svozilik of Norway was sent as thanks for a newspaper clipping I sent to him. He ARTicipated in the Beatles mailart call by the Camarada in San Diego and his work was selected to appear in the local alternate newspaper for an article about the show.

I really enjoy pencil drawings and Jaromir's style is funky and pleasing to my eye. You can check out more of his work including crayon, acrylic and sculpture by clicking on this link to the virtual market.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Blog Stickers

These are kinda like bumper stickers for your blog.

You can read more at the BlogStickers web site.
Or make some of your own in the Blogsticker Factory

Friday, February 04, 2005

Frippy Moss

Sending this postcard to Frips of Belgium.
It was made using Sharpie markers on yellow card stock.

Why don't you check out her excellent blog or visit her web site and send something in for the ongoing No Meat Today mail art call.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Quanyin's Rainbow

This is an email art submission for the mail art call Quanyin:The Goddess of Mercy & Compassion-Commemorate on the artismoking website. The anti-smoking call has received some fine contributions so far, so check it out and please consider sending in something yourself.