Saturday, February 24, 2001

Sue Gollifer (, the woman who "made (me) a *star*", posts to my guestbook after our recent email correspondence.

She has some great origami-like paper collages in her exhibit and at the 1994 ArtAIDS collaborative project. One of my first online collaborative offerings is still on the ArtAIDS site.

Sue wrote a great report on the "Uses of Networking" and mentions kiyotei's den in APPENDIX II: Sites that I feel are worth visiting. My fellow artist, Ruth Kedar, is also mentioned in the report.

If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can get the full report which was produced in Brighton, UK.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Dropped a Napster-death-rattle piece into the mighty Gridcosm. This is a great collaborative (some say waste of time) which has been going on for years. If you like the Grid, check out my audio readings which accompany the levels 425 through 429.

Can't figure out how to play with us on Gridcosm? Check out Sunshine's (SNY) excellent GridGuide on his spectacular Armored Baby website.

Monday, February 19, 2001

PO Box full of good stuff this morning, including some photos of Dragonfly Dream's "silly Chenoo dog" and a great stamped envelope and card from GRRL: Bonnie Burton, perhaps the only mailartist with her own online club.

Graphic Design by Michael Lane

Friday, February 16, 2001

Just read a great article about Eddie Breen, alias Chris Sammartano, in the NY Press. Can't believe he fooled me. I totally fell for that backwoods-Kaczynski-artist bio that he has been using online. Turns out that he is just a clever trickster and actually made $24,000 from his artwork last year. Alright!

Art by Eddie Breen

Received email from my good buddie Ed Giecek. Seems he won the coveted "Butt Ugly" award from eBay for the month of February. Way to go! Congratz.

I am also bidding on one of his very nice watercolor paintings.

Monday, February 12, 2001

I used my Olympus C3000 and snapped several great photos on my hike to Box Canyon including this shot of my son Richard doing the "phoon." I sent it off to my friend John and he put it on his excellent Phoon page.

Unfortunately, I also got a nasty rash from some poisonous foliage in the canyon bottom. Started out as a small itch and has blossomed into a silver-dollar-sized red patch on my elbow. Been fighting the itch with Cortisone but I think it's losing the war. Going in to see the doc today with a request to use superior fire-power in the battle.

Got my scanner back operational (only had to make 3 store visits) after a few technical hurdles and some sub-par merchandise.

That's the latest den update. Take care artisans and watch out for the dead end!

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Went for a hike last weekend to the bottom of Box Canyon in La Costa. It was about 89 degrees outside and a dip near the falls was tempting, but the water in the pool was Freezing!

photo courtesy of Sylvia Bal Somerville ©1999

Hard to believe they want to blow up this canyon to "save it". I shouldn't be surprised by that considering some other recent events in this neighborhood.

Got some more Dog's Life contributions including a collaged dog dish from Jean Kusina and a colorful art book from Kate in Hawaii. Still scanner-shopping so I can get the latest stuff up an online.

Thursday, February 01, 2001


My scanner bites the dust and the Dog's Life art keeps flowing into my mailbox. I'm planning to buy a cheap one this weekend and add the new submissions.

Added some new sites to the art bookmark list including an excellent ezine by a local homeboy: This ezine is chock-full of poetry and well worth a read. Sign up for the mailing list and Jason will send you a free copy.

Ed (the Egg-man) Giecek is the current high bidder for Scientist Sam in the eBay mailartist auction.

Sent out a few mailart projects this week including Welcome to the World call, a Space-themed add and pass book (for Rae Trujillo), and several art postcards. Check out the mailart call page if you feel like "ARTicipating!"