Monday, February 12, 2001

I used my Olympus C3000 and snapped several great photos on my hike to Box Canyon including this shot of my son Richard doing the "phoon." I sent it off to my friend John and he put it on his excellent Phoon page.

Unfortunately, I also got a nasty rash from some poisonous foliage in the canyon bottom. Started out as a small itch and has blossomed into a silver-dollar-sized red patch on my elbow. Been fighting the itch with Cortisone but I think it's losing the war. Going in to see the doc today with a request to use superior fire-power in the battle.

Got my scanner back operational (only had to make 3 store visits) after a few technical hurdles and some sub-par merchandise.

That's the latest den update. Take care artisans and watch out for the dead end!

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