Monday, October 24, 2005

Fastback Mail

One of my very favorite things is a frisbee (synonomous with flying disc). I spent many a lunch hour during high school in the back parking lot flinging a disc with my buds. Sometimes forgetting to go back to class after the bell because some trick seemed almost in my grasp. A frisbee is a wonderful thing. It can be used for sport, dinner plate, doggie water dish, seed sorter, or just hung on the wall as art.

So it was with extra pleasure that I found one in my P.O. box last week.

Scott Thomas of Lexington, Kentucky sent this wonderful piece unwrapped through the mail with three 37-cent stamps attached. I've received other great work from Scott and his little fairy-toons are very recognizable. He calls this model a "Humphrey Flier" not a frisbee and I remember we used to called this style of disc a "Fastback." I agree with him that it has better flight characteristic than a standard Frisbee and I found it to be most excellent for under-the-leg or behind-the-back tosses. It seems like the thinner shape allows it to correct its tragectory and go from a wobbly side angle and still end up flying straight to the target.

Thanks, Scott for the excellent mail and I hope we can toss a few discs (and beers) in the future.

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