Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Somebody HELP ME Please! :-)

I need intervention now! I'm spending way too much time in my new virtual world.... but hey where else can I fly like superman and meet super-cool people (mostly artists)???

Only in Second Life Baby...

A sample of my madness:

Smoking the Fox Pipe at Felowen's Gallery

The Lovely and Talented Sculptress Fau at her Beach Studio

A Day of Surfing At Sebastian's Place

In Front of My Exhibit at Felowen's Gallery

Chilling At Siggy's Waterworks, Home of the Best Surfing in SL

*** Just DON'T try to tell me it's not real! :-)

Shout outs to all the SL folks on Myspace including the most excellent artist Scott Brooks.


RF Côté (reg) said...

Dear K frend, this is where you now spend all your time?! Interesting...and nice friends! I have to admit, Fau is something!!! When am I going to see you on Circulaire132? This little project is now taking me a lot of time mainly for the assemblage, but I have a great with it. Check it out;
Take care,

sarabear said...

do you get anything if I say you referred me? I want to try it and I've been waiting for you to be around B$ so I could ask...

kiyotei said...

hahaha yes way too much time on SL...
And you will love Fau when you meet her in person my friend.
There is also many other Canadians I'd like you too meet including the amazing Sorcha from Montreal. so get online dammit! I'll check out your blog too! :-)

kiyotei said...

and yes.. there is a referral fee. I forgot how much. It's spread out over time I think. But I will give it to the person who joins! So Sarabear.... hit me up and you get the L$ (Lindens).

There are already 4 mailartist here including some well-known names and we are having a blast!
Still need to get the mailart museum online though....

take care