Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Archiving is HARD Work

I've been going through my mailart collection for three days now and I'm just scratching the surface. I never thought I would have accumulated so much great stuff when I started ARTicipating back in 2001. I think at this rate I may need about 2 months to finish it all.


B.T. Dittberner said...

I know what you mean- I did the same thing last summer and ended up with a 5 drawer file cabinet completely filled with mail art- I used hanging folders and organized it alphabetically by artist and it's amazing- I have a few large rubbermaid storage containers I haven't filed yet- I think I'll need another file cabinet-

kiyotei said...

Sadly and fortunately I lost a great deal after my divorce and consecutive moves.

I was so overwhelmed that I was stressing about the mailman's arrival each day and knowing I would never catch up on return mail.

Now I keep it VERY low key and only send a few out each year. Perhaps I am forgotten now, but all things must pass.