Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Quanyin's Rainbow

This is an email art submission for the mail art call Quanyin:The Goddess of Mercy & Compassion-Commemorate on the artismoking website. The anti-smoking call has received some fine contributions so far, so check it out and please consider sending in something yourself.


Sghinopaullimo said...

Hi, I'M Pierpaolo Limongelli from Monopoli, Italy.
Today I put a link to your blog in my blog:

Mailart is Joyful.

kiyotei said...


Cool. We have a popular board game in the USA called Monopoly.

Checked out your blog. Very nice! I'll add it to my blog list. Thanks for visiting. Take care my friend.

Sghinopaullimo said...

Thanx to you, where I find your snail mail address??

kiyotei said...

Wow that was a speedy reply!!

Catch me here:
po box 2786
carlsbad, ca 92018


kiyotei said...

Ooops - left out the "USA!"

Looking forward to your mail.
Send me your address via email or this blog and I'll send you some stuff today.

Do you make artistamps or ATCs?

Take care -