Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Dozen Stamps

Received this envelope from Pati Bristow a few days ago and it was chock full of stuff including stra Da Da artistamps, a handmade No-War postcard, one fluxus buck and assorted other goodies.

We have been sending this vellum envelope back and forth across California for 11 trips. I'm jamming it full of stuff and dropping it in the mailbox for trip number 12 tomorrow.

You can check out some of her ATCs sent back in November 05.
I also received excellent documentation for her last mailart call "No Place to Rest, Chairs that you can't sit on."

You can read more about this call and her latest calls by visiting her LiveJournal blog.

Number 14 dropped in the mail today (19 August 2005)


pati b said...

Kiyotei, Thanks for the great post! I will be looking for the #12 in the mailbox.

kiyotei said...

Number 14 . . . coming your way today!

kiyotei said...

#15 RCV'd & #16 dropped in the post on 25 October 2005.