Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pipe Smoking Koko

Well this handsome postcard, with matching artistamp comes from Jassy Lupa of Mouth of Wilson, VA.

It is a wonderful handpainted and rubber-stamped image in turquoise blue and gold.

Reminds me of the Anasazi trickster named Kokopelli whose fluted image is scratched into many a sandstone cliff.

Check out her wonderful blog for more information about this mailartisan.


jassy lupa said...

Thanks for putting this up and telling folks about my blog which is BORING because I have dial-up connection and really can't add to it anymore, it just takes way, way too long! See you in the mail.

Johnny Jane said...

jassy...loved the entry on kiyotei's den. The design is great and the colors are finely controled. My biggest question has to do with the matching artistamp. Are you using some kind of craft scissor to get the "perforated" edge? If so...what is the name of it. I've spent a lot of time designin edges that look like perforations in graphic apps but I've never seen a scissor that would cut in this there such a thing or did you use some kind of paper with the perforations on it?

jassy lupa said...

The postage edge was cut with sizzors you can find most anywhere these days. Try the scrapbook section at Walmart even.